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Back End Stash is a curated directory of all resources and tools related to the Back-End development you can find on the Internet. Every day, dozens of new links were added to help you to find everything you need in the same place.

Why Back End Stash?

Since a long time, I tried to figure out the best tool and way to put all interesting links in one place with the aim to be able to share with my team. I used bookmarks, markdown pages but none what perfectly fine for me.

Then, I decided to create a website to put everything I find every day and share with everyone who may need. Because I’m interested in different areas of the web development (and you should too), I created not one, but 4 (at the moment) different platforms: Web Design Stash, UX Stash, Front End Stash and Back End Stash.

My goal is to provide you with all possible links and facilitate your work or satisfy your curiosity 🙂

Who runs UX Stash?


Contributors around the world contribute and help the website to grow.

But if you want to know who created the website: I’m David Dias, I’m Front-End developer and something else…

If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ and feel free to shoot me an email at hello@webstash.top. I love to know your story!

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